3D X-ray imaging

3D Tomographic X-ray Imaging of Biological Cells

The overall aim of this work package is to ensure that the experimental setups for XI meet the needs of the biological community and provide them with the ability to collect and analyse high quality cryogenic X-ray tomograms which will result in answers to fundamental questions in biology.

To do so, the major effort will be invested into improving the XI microscope at HZB for biology. These developments will be transferred to to other XI microscopes under construction at BioStruct-X partner sites, which will provide user access via WP4. More specifically, the activities within this workpackage will establish an experimental environment allowing correlation of images obtained by X-ray and light microscopy. By implementing accurate alignment methods we will permit correlation with other types of optical microscopy, including off-line super resolution methods. We will also extend the technique to include phase contrast in addition to absorption contrast. In parallel with these combined hardware installations we will develop dedicated algorithms for the reconstruction of X-ray tomographic data in order to maximise the resolution of the reconstructions and such the extend to which the data can be interpreted.

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