Work package 10

The aim of this work package is to foster a culture of cooperation between the BioStruct-X participants and the scientific communities that benefit from the research infrastructures and, in so doing, help to develop an efficient and attractive European Research Area. Key tasks are to promote the dissemination of good practices, promote the clustering of and coordinated actions between related projects, coordinate with international related initiatives, support the deployment of global and sustainable approaches in the field, and to support training for new users. The objectives of WP10 are:

  1. To promote networking between the BioStruct-X user community and BioStruct-X TNA/JRA providers, under the umbrella of the European Synchrotron User Organisation (ESUO).
  2. To promote networking activities with industrial partners and clients, who are either interested in the commercialisation of emerging BioStruct-X technologies and/or interested in commercial applications of the technologies offered.
  3. To provide dissemination, information and training of BioStruct-X applications and technologies via four TID centres across EC member and associated states.
  4. To promote dissemination, information and training activities for the combined applications that are offered and developed within BioStruct-X.
  5. To promote dissemination, information and training activities for hybrid and combined applications in structural cellular biology, following the concept of the ESFRI project Instruct.
  6. To train young European researchers to optimally use state-of-the-art instruments at the partner synchrotron sites, either through centralised activities (HERCULES) or site-specific, decentralised activities, for which TNA is offered by BioStruct-X.
  7. To promote protocols and training on multi-circle goniometry, and to enhance the efficient use of TNA facilities for applications in MX for challenging projects.
  8. To enhance the integration with TNA facilities and related I3 and ESFRI projects by developing new tools that will ease user access and simplify proposal submission procedures.
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