Project Deliverables

Table of Deliverables



Title Lead Beneficiary Nature



Delivery date / project month

Reports on Kick-off Meeting and project meetings

 EMBL  Report (R) Confidential (CO) 2
 D1.2 Project Website EMBL Other (O) CO 2
 D1.3 Corporate identity "tool-kit" EMBL O CO 2
 D1.4 SWOT analysis EMBL R CO 12
 D6.1 Framework delivered DIAMOND Prototype (P) Restricted (RE) 18
 D6.2 Algorithms delivered DIAMOND P RE 36
 D6.3 Simulation and visualization tools developed DIAMOND P RE 36
 D6.4 Prototype pipeline delivered DIAMOND P Public (PU) 36
 D6.5 Delivery of integration suite DIAMOND R PU 54
 D7.1 Multi-method characterization prototype EMBL P PU 36
 D7.2 Extended prototype ISPyB database ESRF R PU 42
 D7.3 Flexible sample charger EMBL P CO 54
 D7.4 Unified SAXS pipeline EMBL R PU 18
 D7.5 Multi-method analysis EMBL R PU 54
 D7.6 Database intercommunication protocols ESRF R PU 24
 D7.7 Development and testing of NewPin EMBL R PP 36

Report on the implementation of a dedicated reconstruction algorithm for X-ray tomography

 D8.2 Report on the developments to the HZB TXM HZB R PU 36
 D8.3 Report on the transfer of developments to the beamlines HZB R PU 54
 D9.1 TAP Compact SelecT  Robot protocols for mammalian cell expression UOXF R PU 24
 D9.2 MamESPRIT construct library screening in mammalian cells EMBL R PU 24
 D9.3 MultiBacMam system construction and evaluation EMBL R PU 24
 D9.4 Limited glycosylation system PSI R PU 24
 D10.1 Summary report on networking activities HZB R PU 54
 D10.2 Summary documentation on the pilot application form and data exchange protocols EMBL R RE 54
 D10.3 Report on the pilot version of Single sign on (SSO) authentication UOXF R RE 54


Deliverable Reports

Below we provide the links for download of all public deliverable reports.

BSX_Deliverable D6.4

BSX_Deliverable D6.5

BSX_Deliverable D7.1

BSX_Deliverable D7.2

BSX_Deliverable D7.4

BSX_Deliverable D7.5

BSX_Deliverable D7.6

BSX_Deliverable D8.1

BSX_Deliverable D8.2

BSX_Deliverable D8.3

BSX_Deliverable D9.1

BSX_Deliverable D9.2

BSX_Deliverable D9.3

BSX_Deliverable D9.4

BSX_Deliverable D10.1

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