Project Management

The BioStruct-X project management structure is designed to provide maximum support for the project objectives, monitor the progress of each work package, coordinate project activities,
implement quality control by defining appropriate project standards and manage the targeted
dissemination of knowledge arising from the project.

Figure 1. BioStruct-X management structure
The BioStruct-X decision-making structures are boxed and include the European Commission, to which BioStruct-X reports, the Management Team (MGT), the BioStruct-X Executive Committee, the TNA/JRA/NA Managers, and the General Assembly, which includes all BioStruct-X partners and three elected user representatives. Additional BioStruct-X bodies are the TNA-Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) selection panel.


BioStruct-X interacts with the European user community for application in X-ray based structural biology and the its governing organisation, the European Synchrotron User Organisation (ESUO). BioStruct-X tightly cooperates in its activities with the ESFRI project INSTRUCT, which coordinates the development of future facilities for integrated structural biology in Europe. To ensure the latter cooperation, three members of the BioStruct-X Executive Committee are also members of INSTRUCT.


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BioStruct-X is part of the Capacities Specific Programme Research Infrastructures, Project Number 283570
BioStruct-X contact: biostructx(at), I. Custic, ph: +49 - 40 89902 124, fax: +49 - 40 89902 149

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