PSI MX beamlines

The Swiss Light Source (SLS) at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) offers access to its undulator microfocus beamline X06SA and the high-throughput, high-performance super bending magnet beamline X06DA. In situ diffraction screening and full crystallisation services are also available at X06DA. In addition, SLS offers public user access of up to 30 percent of the user beam time for in-crystallo-spectroscopy experiments using the unique on-axis multimode at undulator beamline X10SA. User support during experiments is provided by a beamline scientist and a technician.

X06SA is a fully tunable (6.0-17.5 keV, 2.07-0.71 Å) undulator beamline with two experimental stations. A high-resolution station (HRD) allows continuous fine phi-sliced data collection up to 25 Hz with a PILATUS 6M detector. The microdiffraction station (MD2) offers an 8 x 5 micron-sized beam for protein microcrystallography.

X06DA is a fully tunable (6.0-17.5 keV, 2.07-0.71 Å) 2.9T super bending magnet beamline with in situ X-ray diffraction screening and an integrated crystallisation facility.

X10SA is a fully tunable (6.0-20.0 keV, 2.07-0.62 Å) undulator beamline with a unique on-axis single crystal UV-Vis, fluorescence, Raman and Resonance Raman microspectrophotometer. Please note that only in-crystallo-spectroscopy experiments are accessible within the BioStructX programme.

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