DIALS - I Workshop on X-ray Diffraction Data Analysis

12 - 13 June 2012, Diamond Light Source,UK

Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources 1

The BioStructX grant provides funds for transnational access for European reseachers to large scale facilities for structural biological research. Within thisgrant there are four areas of joint research activity, one of which is the development of new integration software called DIALS. The purpose of this DIALS I meeting was to bring together prominent experts in the field with a common willingness to share ideas and thoughts in order to identify the key problems that might be addressed by new integration software or algorithms and approaches that might be used to achieve these goals.


















Back row: Jon Grimes, Michael Krug, Nick Sauter, Harry Powell, Pierre Aller, David Waterman, Meitian Wang, Kay Diederichs, Gleb Bourenkov
Middle row: Henry Chapman, Thomas White, Gerard Bricogne, Alun Ashton, Olof Svenson, Gabor Naray, Thomas Sorensen, Colin Nave, Marcus Mueller, Anastasis Perrakis, Frank von Delft, Eugene Krissinel

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