SOLEIL MX Beamlines


Parameter Value
Detector type PILATUS 6M
Image size in MB 6
Shutterless operation Yes
Source Undulator
Monochromator/Energy resolution Si111 / 2 x 10-4
Sample changer Yes
Puck type Unipuck
Puck capacity 3 pucks, 16 samples each
Sample format SPINE standard pins
Autocentering 3-click centering
Sample database No
EDNA or equivalent XDSME
Remote access From 2014
Other equipment No
Low resolution 100 Å
Max resolution 0.9 Å
Axis of rotation Omega or Phi
Focus size 125 × 70 microns variable to 40 × 50 microns
Helical/Mesh scans No
Flux density 2.3 x 1011keV
Energy range 5.5 -15.5 keV
MAD capable Yes
Automatic MAD Yes
Sulphur-SAD Yes
Auto data processing Yes
Processing software XDS, Mosflm
Humidity control device No
Detector speed 12 Hz, 25 Hz summer 2013
Auto difference Maps calculation No
Fluorescence Edge scanning Yes
Fluorescence Spectra Yes


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