Task 10.4

Task 10.4 Promotion of combined and integrated applications offered by BioStruct-X TNA activities
The aim of this task is to organise training and networking events to demonstrate, promote and disseminate the use of combined and integrated applications offered by the BioStruct-X TNA activities. These activities will foster a culture of co-operation between the BioStruct-X participants and help promote the spreading of good practices, definition of common standards, the exchange of protocols and training of new users. The results will ultimately serve as a guidance of optimised use of BioStruct-X facilities. For effeciency and better comprehension, this task is broken down into three subtasks as follows:

Subtask 10.4.1 User training for biological sample characterisation and optimisation in integrated beamline environments

Subtask 10.4.2 User training for crucial steps in the 3D tomographic X-ray Imaging pipeline

Subtask 10.4.3 Networking activities together with the laser application user community

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