BioStruct-X is a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. The project was running from September 1st 2011 until February 29th 2016 as a pan-European initiative that grouped 19 research organisations from 11 EU member and associated states aiming to provide integrated support for X-ray based structural biology applications.   Through BioStruct-X transnational access activities 1156 scientific projects and 1991 users (of those, 39% female scientists...

Hamburg, Germany - 9 March 2015
IMPORTANT: BioStruct-X funded access to ESPRIT and MultiBac platforms has now finished and all available units have been allocated. BioStruct-X will no longer accept applications for access to ESPRIT and MultiBac. For alternative access opportunities to ESPRIT platform, please visit Instruct pages:

Hamburg - 27 November 2014
An updated list of publications that acknowledge BioStruct-X support is available.   To access the list of publications, click here.

Hamburg - 15 November 2014
The next deadline for applying for funding for TNA is December 31st. Please refer to the Apply for Funding pages for more information on how to apply.

Hamburg - 4 March 2014
PETRA III Shutdown Please note that due to shutdown of PETRA III on February 3rd 2014, no beamline access at DESY and EMBL Hamburg is available until March 2015.   For additional details, please visit  

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BioStruct-X is part of the Capacities Specific Programme Research Infrastructures, Project Number 283570
BioStruct-X contact: biostructx(at), I. Custic, ph: +49 - 40 89902 124, fax: +49 - 40 89902 149

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