BioStruct-X Project Overview


The BioStruct-X consortium comprises 19 partners from 11 EU member and associated states. These partners are all leaders in facility provision and targeted research activities in structural biology methods that use high-brilliance X-rays and include a number of state-of-the art synchrotron facilities and one Free Electron Laser that is under construction. The tasks of BioStruct-X are structured in ten work packages (WP1-WP10).

The BioStruct-X project is coordinated and managed by EMBL Hamburg (WP1). The management structure includes: the project coordinator, a six-member executive board, three work package coordinators and the general assembly, which includes three elected user representatives and all project partners.

BioStruct-X provides integrated transnational access to 44 specific and targeted installations in four areas in X-ray-based high-resolution structural biology: biological small angle X-ray scattering (WP2); macromolecular X-ray crystallography (WP3); biological X-ray imaging (WP4); and protein production and high-throughput crystallisation (WP5). The project operates a central Block Allocation Group (BAG) proposal mechanism, which will promote project excellence, multi-site applications and the combination of different methods and hybrid approaches.

BioStruct-X transnational access activities are complemented by four access-targeted joint research activities: new data processing tools to improve access to applications in macromolecular X-ray crystallography (WP6); an integrated on-line sample characterisation system for biological small angle X-ray scattering applications and the provision of an efficient method for overall sample quality control (WP7); correlated fluorescence light microscopy components to enhance emerging X-ray imaging applications (WP8); and a tool kit for sample expression in mammalian cell lines (WP9).

Training and networking activities of BioStruct-X are provided centrally by participating partner facilities and locally by four research centres dedicated to training, information and dissemination of the project (WP10).

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BioStruct-X is part of the Capacities Specific Programme Research Infrastructures, Project Number 283570
BioStruct-X contact: biostructx(at), I. Custic, ph: +49 - 40 89902 124, fax: +49 - 40 89902 149

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