DESY MX beamline

Among the 14 beamlines currently provided by the PETRA III facility at DESY in Hamburg, DESY operates one beamline dedicated to structural biology investigations.

The bio-imaging and diffraction beamline P11 offers two different endstations, one for macromolecular crystallography (MX) and one for X-ray imaging (XI).
The MX endstation at beamline P11 provides:

  • A broad tunable energy range between 5 – 30 keV
  • A tunable beamsize between 7 x 4 µm2 and 200 x 200 µm2 (FWHM, h x v)
  • A high photon flux of 1.6 x 1013 ph/sec @ 12 keV on sample
  • Pilatus 6M fast detector (25 Hz frame rate)
  • A High Precision Goniometer with a sphere of confusion < 100 nm equipped with an on-axis viewing system
  • 2D-grid scan for sample centering  
  • Sample changing robot with a large storage dewar capacity of 368 samples
  • Capability of fast data collection (~ 90 sec. per 180 degree data set)
  • A VORTEX EM detector for X-ray fluorescence measurements

In addition we offer the option of high-pressure-freezing of crystals for which no suitable cryo-protectants can be found.

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