DIAMOND Protein Production and HTX

The Membrane Protein Laboratory

The membrane protein lab (MPL) at Diamond Light Source is a research and training state-of-the art facility for scientists interested in the solving the 3-dimensional structures of membrane proteins by X-ray crystallography.

The MPL is a joint venture between the Diamond and Imperial College London. The MPL is a facility that is open to applications from laboratories anywhere in the world. Visitors can come to the MPL to learn how purify and crystallise membrane proteins, and to set up many crystallisation trials using our robotic high-throughput crystallisation system.  The MPL has established a pipeline for membrane protein structure determination by combining a high-throughput protein crystallisation facility and Diamond beamlines, which allow high-throughput crystal screening and high quality data collection.

The MPL is equipped with (i)a fully automated crystal imaging system, (ii) http crystallisation robots including a TTP mosquito for cubic phase, (iii) a Fluidigm Topaz microfluidic crystallisation system, (iv) A SEC-MALLS system, with four advanced detectors (Refractometer, Viscometer, Light Scattering and Absortion-280nm) for macromolecular characterization, (v) PX scanner for testing potential crystals for X-ray diffraction in situ in crystallization plates, (vi)  equipment for expression and purification of membrane proteins including UltraCentrifuges among others.

Diamond Light Source is an Instruct Centre


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